Harry and Meghan guilty of hypocrisy over using royal titles, says expert

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are guilty of "sheer gross hypocrisy" by using royal titles after leaving The Firm, a royal expert has claimed.

The Daily Mail's Rebecca English cited Buckingham Palace confirmation when she said “the Sussexes have now chosen” to use royal titles for their children, Archie and Lilibet, the latter of whom was christened on Friday (March 3).

Royal critic Daniela Elser compared the Sussexes to Oliver Cromwell in her News.au column and blasted the "gross hypocrisy" of choosing royal titles for their children.

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She wrote: "No matter why the duke and duchess chose now to christen their daughter and to tell the world, what is not up for discussion is the sheer, gross hypocrisy of it all.

"Harry and Meghan are fresh off having staged the biggest strike against the British monarchy since Oliver Cromwell started getting ideas, and have both spent much of their various TV, interview and book outings detailing the trauma they experienced as a result of having been a part of the institution."

She questioned why the couple would want to be binded to an organisation that they have accused of many wrong doings.

Elser continued: "Harry has, over the last couple of years, said the royal family is guilty of 'unconscious bias,' accused them of 'total neglect,' argued that he wants to 'break the cycle' of the 'pain and suffering' of his childhood and said that being born into the monarchy means 'you inherit every element of it without choice'."

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It has been reported that “the Sussexes are said to be keen to not deny their children their birthright, but to allow them the chance to decide for themselves when older whether to drop or keep using the titles.”

However, Elser reasoned, that the Sussexes could have chosen to do what "the eminently sensible Wessexes" did, and let their children choose to adpot or evade their royal titles at age 18.

"The eminently sensible Wessexes decided they wanted to try and achieve that loftiest of goals – some semblance of family normalcy – and instead chose much lesser titles and leaving it up to the children to decide," she said.

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