Harry and William would never perform but now their smiles are fake – expert

A body language expert has said the increasing tensions between Prince Harry and Prince William has meant that they look different when posing for photos as "smiles look forced and fake".

Judi James analysed the two brothers' relationship with the addition of Kate Middleton before rifts began to appear within the Royal Family, that led to Harry and his wife Meghan Markle leaving royal duties in 2020.

She said: "William probably never looked happier and more relaxed than when he was with Kate and Harry.

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"The balance of the trio relationship seemed to suit him perfectly and it seemed to prove Diana’s desire for Harry to be there for his older brother, who clearly had the weight of destiny on his shoulders and revelled in the shared humour and fun between himself and his wife and brother.

"With Harry and Kate, William got to be spontaneous and show off his fun side, suggesting high levels of trust that allowed him to drop some of the more formal and cautious side to his behaviour and just have fun as a brother, a partner, and as a friend.

"Harry might have been emphatic during his promos for Spare about their lives taking different paths after Diana died, but these photos seem to disprove that.

"All three show body language signs of a deep, sibling-style relationship."

However, in the recent years, rumours of the brothers' deteriorating relationship became well-known and Harry's release of his memoir Spare, revealed that the pair got into a physical altercation a few years ago.

James began to notice the shift in their relationship as their expressions began to change when posing for photographs together.

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She said: "Smiles look forced and fake. There is no longer any need to suppress a shared sense of humour because the disconnect between the brothers is occurring.

"The touch rituals, where William, Kate and Harry would stand with their arms around one another in a signal of being a strongly-bonded team, have gone.

"Partly out of necessity as the outings as a foursome are more formal here, but there is a non-verbal underlining of the lack of desire to touch or connect as they stand with hands clasped in front of their torsos in a barrier ritual."

The Daily Star has approached the Duke of Sussex and the Prince of Wales for comment.


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