Harry rift with William began after army departure not Meghan, author claims

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Prince Harry's broken relationship with his brother Prince William may have shattered into pieces when he stepped down from his role after marrying Meghan Markle – but one expert believes the cracks in their relationship were their years before.

In fact, Tina Brown, author of The Palace Papers: Inside the House of Windsor—The Truth and Turmoil, believes the rift dates as far back as 2015, when the Duke of Sussex retired from the army leaving him "unsure of who he was."

She told The Telegraph that the prince was "rattling around and not really knowing who he was" when he no longer had his army career after serving ten years in the army and fighting in Afghanistan for two hours.

He wanted to pursue his royal duties full time but that role was undecided.

Brown explained: "The truth is the more charismatic prince was the younger brother. That was very difficult because Harry had to be contained and a role found for him.

"He had all these interests in Africa and conservation, but so did William and Harry always had to play second banana.

"Diana insisted, much to her credit as a mother, that the two boys would be treated the same, but they were never going to be the same, that's the problem.

"Gradually, that became a major tension between them. William had this great destiny ahead of him, he knew who he was."

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But when the Duke of Sussex decided to step down for a 'private life' with Meghan, his wife took the brunt of the blame from royal fans and the media for the decision to leave.

Royal columnist, Virginia Blackburn wrote at the time of 'Meghxit' that the prince was following in the footsteps of the Queen's uncle Edward VIII, who abdicated to be able to marry divorced, American actress Wallis Simpson.

She said: "You have a very popular and senior member of the royal family who falls for an American divorcee and his world falls apart. Sound familiar? Talk about history repeating itself."

Representatives for Prince Harry and Prince William have been contacted by the Daily Star for comment.

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