Harry will find Jubilee balcony moment excruciating as he watches from afar

Prince Harry could be set for a more depressing Platinum Jubilee weekend than he would expect.

The Duke of Sussex will be forced to watch most of it from the sidelines with wife Meghan Markle and their children because they are no longer “working royals”.

This means that when the famous Buckingham Palace balcony shot takes place, Harry won't be there alongside the rest of his family.

And royal expert and commentator Daniela Elser has claimed that this will give Prince Harry reason to be “deeply upset”.

Writing for news.com.au, she said: “Given how intent the Palace seems to be in laying the symbolism here on with a trowel, it would seem likely that we will get the foursome appearing before the masses, before Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, and the Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis join them.

“No matter exactly the composition of the image or the timetable, things I would imagine that are currently being carefully plotted on a whiteboard by sweating former army majors, there is nothing that can mitigate how excruciating this balcony moment could be for Harry.

“If we see this situation play out as is being mooted today, then the biggest takeaway will be that it will remind the world how irrelevant the Duke of Sussex is to the future of the monarchy.

“Never before will the Palace have so acutely spelled out that dynastically, whether the Sussexes are in the royal fold or off selling home-made ylang ylang candles on the US’ Home Shopping Network, they don’t matter.

“It is impossible to see how… Harry having to watch his grandmother, father, brother and nephew soak up the roaring adulation of the expected 10,000-strong People’s Pageant crowd, could be anything other than deeply upsetting.

“And if he is hurt, well, that’s entirely understandable.”

The Daily Star has reached out to Prince Harry's team to find out how he feels about the plans for the Jubilee weekend without him being involved.

Queen Elizabeth II was just 25 years old when she took to the throne, and seven decades later she is celebrating a momentous occasion after becoming the longest-reigning monarch in the UK.

To celebrate her Platinum Jubilee, thousands of events have been planned, all of which are detailed here.

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