Hawaii stream that smells like beer found to have 1.2 per cent ABV

A stream in Hawaii that smells distinctly of beer has been found to have a 1.2 per cent ABV (Alcohol by Volume).

The alcoholic river did not remain a mystery for long: it turns out that a storm pipe from a nearby brewery was responsible for turning it into boozy water.

The storm pipe has since been shut off.

The pipe ran from Paradise Beverages, a liquor and beer warehouse on the other side of a nearby highway.

According to Hawaii News Now, a sample from the stream, located in the town of Waipio on the island of Oahu, showed “as much as 1.2 per cent of the water was alcohol” and “about .04 per cent of its content” was sugar.

Paradise Beverages does not yet know what caused the alcohol spill and is working with local authorities to figure it out.

“Right now, we’ve had the Department of Transportation come in with their representatives and we’re dealing with them and we’ve also been contacted by the Department of Health,” said Anthony Rowe, the company’s director of operations, quoted by Hawaii News Now.

“It may be coming from us so that’s why we’re working with the proper authorities.”

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