Heart-pounding moment cops try to rescue unconscious man on subway tracks

A terrifying clip shows a police officer and a subway passenger scrambling to save a man who has fallen onto the tracks unconscious.

In the clip, recorded in The Bronx, New York, people are shouting in panic as a man lies motionless in the way of an oncoming train.

A police officer jumps down onto the tracks and the man on the ground starts to stir but looks injured.

The cop then tries to lift the stricken man up but is not strong enough on his own.

At that moment, a heroic bystander steps in, and, together, the cop and the man haul the unwell passenger back to the safety of the platform.

When they make it back up themselves the whole platform of New Yorkers bursts into cheers and applause.

Moments later, the lights of a train are visible as it comes down the tracks.

NYPD shared the clip on Twitter on Thursday (August 19) and wrote in the caption: "When a sick strap hanger [passenger] lost consciousness and fell on the subway tracks in the Bronx @NYPDTransit officers didn’t hesitate for a moment to put his safety ahead of their own.

"We’re also grateful to the Good Samaritan who bravely helped."

The force also said: "NYPD cops help New Yorkers at any cost!"

Since it was uploaded, the nail-biting footage has been watched more than 300,000 times, and hundreds of people left comments.

One viewer wrote: "Omgosh. And the train was coming in too.

"Thank goodness that these brave people jumped in to save a life. Humanity and heroes."

A second person said: "Let's also salute the civilian who jumped in to help. Teamwork makes the dream work."

"What a great freaking video," commented a third, "People in real life are better than what you read on the internet and media."

"Boy that was a nail-biter, great work everyone," wrote another.

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