Heartbreaking pics show loyal dog refusing to leave dead homeless mans side

Heart-wrenching images show a loyal dog sitting by its dead owner's side after the man had passed away on a bench outside a hospital.

The tear-jerking scene took place outside the Rio Piedras Medical Centre in the Puerto Rican capital of San Juan on Tuesday (February 1).

The man in question was a 60-year-old homeless man, and the dog stayed by his side even as medical experts from the Institute of Forensic Sciences removed the body.

The pooch was spotted at around 7am by staff from the external clinics team.

Originally, passers-by thought the man was resting, as the dog had his snout on the man's leg.

One man told local news: “I started looking at the whole scene and the poor puppy was going back and forth, and I went to give the puppy some love. The truth is that the face he had of suffering and sorrow was an incredible thing.

“This planet is made in such a way that we are interdependent, the animals and us, and the creator made an animal for the human being and that animal is called a dog.”

But, in a heart-warming twist, medical staff befriended the pooch, and Dr Jose Antonio Herrera Dalmau has now adopted the animal.

He told local newspaper, El Nuevo Dia: “I have already made an appointment to see a vet because the dog has a leg injury.

“It is not broken, but it has an injury.”

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The dog will be named Leo by the self-confessed dog love.

The doctor also said that Leo looks like his own former pet dog called Reina.

Sadly, however, the dog refused to go home with him, as he waited by the bench for his now-deceased owner, so he ended up having to carry the animal home in his arms.

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