‘Heavenly comical’ Dog rescuer ‘couldnt stop laughing’ after picking up royal-owned pooch

Sweden Royal Wedding- Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia greet the crowd

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A simple Google search on the little dog who followed 20-year-old Angelina Berge made her fall to her knees after she found that the pooch belonged to Princess Sofia of Sweden and her husband Prince Carl Philip. Speaking to Swedish newspaper, Expressen, Ms Berge said that the little dog had begun to follow them, and after attempts to call a phone number on the pup’s collar, Angelina’s friend mentioned that the prince and princess lived nearby and that they had a pet. 

She told the Swedish outlet: “Then I searched on Google and got an article that the prince’s dog had previously escaped.”

“I saw the picture of the dog and fell to my knees – I could not stop laughing because it was so heavenly comical.

“We started talking to the dog and said her name: ‘Siri, Siri’. She was super happy.

“Then we realised that it was probably the prince’s dog.”

Angelina said that the prince was grateful that the pooch was found, after she and her friend carried Siri to the couple’s royal residence.

She added: “So we pinged at the prince and princess’ house.

“Prince Carl Philip came down with his son and fetched the dog.

“He was so very nice and kind and thanked us again and again.”

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Princess Sofia and Prince Carl Philip have proved themselves incredibly lucky for a second time as this is not the first time their beloved dog has escaped.

The couple’s terrier, Siri, was found by a local in Djurgården park after escaping from their home nearby at Villa Solbacken.

Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia aren’t the only Swedish royals to own a pet dog.

Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel introduced their new addition, a cavoodle named Rio, in March 2020.

Siri has been part of the royal family since 2014 when Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia adopted her.

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The couple is very fond of the privileged pup as she is often spotted being posted on their Instagram page and on walks with the royal family.

The beloved animal has even been included in some family portraits.

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