Heavy snow alert: Arctic bomb to pulverise Britain with 1.5 FEET of snow – weather charts

UK weather: Snow and cold conditions forecast by Met Office

Cold air from Scandinavia is being pushed towards the UK by the polar vortex, with ferocious weather forecast. Forecasters have predicted this Arctic front could bring heavy snow as far south as London by the end of the day and into the weekend. Central Scotland is forecast to be smashed with 16 inches of snow by 6am tomorrow, the latest snow depth maps from WXCHARTS show.

The Met Office added 4 inches of snow could fall in East Anglia on Saturday, while northern areas could see as much as 8 inches, including Newcastle in the north-east being hit, as well as Leeds, Cumbria and York.

Temperatures are also expected to plunge to -5C in Scotland overnight, with Carlisle in the north west seeing -2C and London shivering at 0C.

Gavin Partridge from GavsWeatherVids issued a warning over “significant” levels of snow falling tomorrow.

He said: “Tomorrow, rain and snow spread east across the country but the early part of next week should turn less cold with rain rather than snow.

“Later next week winds probably turn into the north and the risk of snow will increase once again.

“Tonight wet and windy weather moves in from off the Atlantic.

“As the rain bumps into the cold air it will turn to sleet and snow in central and eastern regions with significant snow possible over high ground of central and northern Britain.

“Tomorrow the band of rain, sleet and snow will push through the country, giving more significant snow across northern regions with a covering coming down to low levels in places.

“The afternoon will see brighter skies moving back from the west and most places become dry. Mild in the west. Cold in the east.”

The BBC’s long-range forecast added a low pressure system is expected to blast cold air this weekend.

The forecast said: “The next low pressure system will begin to push in from the west, reaching Northern Ireland and western Scotland overnight Friday into the weekend.

“This low will make for an unsettled weekend with some milder but wetter weather for Saturday followed by a drier, colder and windier Sunday.

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“There will be a split in temperatures with northern areas a bit colder than normal on Sunday while the southern half of the country is near or a little above normal, but cloudier.

“In short, we expect a volatile week of temperature swings and frequent rain, along with a chance of some snow for northern areas.”

The forecast added the cold air is heading over from the Arctic.

It said: “This is due to the colder Arctic air being displaced into Scandinavia and Russia from the polar vortex.

“This air will occasionally feed into the UK, bringing some colder than normal days mixed with days of milder sub-tropical air pushing in from the southwest.”

Most of Scotland, northern England and the Midlands has been issued a yellow snow and ice warning on Saturday between midnight and 6pm.

The Met Office said up to 8 inches of snow could accumulate over higher ground in some areas.

The warning said: “An area of rain pushing eastwards is expected to turn to snow in places.

“Snow is likely to fall to low levels over east Scotland and northern England for a time on the leading edge of the rain before the snow level rises to above 300-400m by mid morning.

“1-3cm is possible at low levels here but is more likely at higher elevations where 5-10cm of snow may accumulate above 200m and possibly 20cm on highest routes.

“Icy stretches are also likely with rain and wet snow falling onto sub zero surfaces at times.

“Further south the most likely scenario is for rain though there is a small chance of snow falling down to 150m or so leading to 2-5cm in places.”

A yellow snow warning has also been issued for London and parts of the South East and eastern England tomorrow.

Some of the counties affected by the warning include Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Kent, Oxfordshire and Sussex.

The yellow snow warning will last from 3am until 8pm on Saturday.

The warning added: “An area of rain will move eastwards through Saturday and is likely to turn to snow as this runs into cold air over east and southeast England.

“Snow is likely to fall to low levels on the leading edge of the rain area before snow levels gradually rise for many from the west.

“East Anglia and parts of Kent and Sussex look most at risk of seeing snow for longest. 1-3cm of snow may fall fairly widely over these areas with 5-10cm possible in places, mostly over parts of East Anglia and any higher ground.

“Given recent wet weather and high river levels with rain and snow falling, then melting some flooding impacts are also possible.”

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