Hells Angel biker jailed for violent riot against BLM protestors dies in prison

A Hell's Angel who was jailed for taking part in a violent riot opposing a Black Lives Matter protest has died in prison.

Colin Green, the former leader of the Tyne and Wear Chapter of the motorbike group, had completed just 15 days of his 29-month prison sentence when he passed away.

The 58-year-old was part of the mob when they gathered at Grey's Monument in Newcastle opposing a group who were protesting in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, the Chronicle reports.

The "counter-protesters" began to attack police and the other group by throwing cans, smoke grenades and bottles, the court heard.

Vicious violence led to police officers, dogs, horses and members of the public getting injured.

Despite Green not throwing anything, Judge Edward Bindloss claimed he was an "influential figure" as the leader of the local Hell's Angels.

He said: "My assessment of him is of him walking around in a cool, calm arrogant manner, walking up to the police and behind them, striding around in a way that made me assess him as thinking he was untouchable.

"He is highly influential and it was open to him to say we are leaving the scene, let's go. He chose not to do so."

Christopher Butters, 42, another attendee of the mob, reportedly obstructed police and threw missiles as the disturbance unfolded.

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The court heard how he appeared to strike an officer and stood in front of the police horses with his arms outstretched.

After refusing to comply when told to move back a mounted officer hit him in the head with a baton and Butters reacted by attempted to throw a missile at the officer.

Green, Sunderland and Butters, Northumberland, both admitted violent disorder in court.

Green was jailed for 29 months and Butters got 31 months.

Nick Lane, for Green, said he has no previous convictions, didn't throw anything "but is significantly ashamed and embarrassed by his behaviour."

He added that he is in a paid role with the Hells Angels and has done a lot of charity work via the group."

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