Heroic parrot saves owner’s life from house fire by squawking like a smoke alarm

An heroic parrot saved his owner’s life by waking him up during a house fire.

The bird, named Eric, alerted Anton Nguyen to the danger by repeatedly squawking, “Anton! Anton!”.

The owner smelt smoke and saw the flames, so quickly grabbed his feathered friend and escaped from the building in Kangaroo Point in Brisbane, Australia.

Anton gratefully credited his pet for raising the alarm and saving him from the blaze on Tuesday night.

He told the Today show: “Eric my parrot, he started to yell, so I woke up and I smelt a bit of smoke.

“I grabbed Eric, opened the door and looked to the back of the house and saw some flames.

“And so I grabbed my bag and took off and bolted downstairs.”

He added: "I'm in shock but I'm fine.

"Everything's alright so long as I have myself and the bird."

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Although the home had smoke detectors Eric managed to raise the alarm before they went off, news.com.au reports.

Firefighters arrived at the scene just after 3am but found Anton had already managed to get outside.

They managed to bring the blaze under control by 3.30am local time.

A spokeswoman for Queensland Fire said fire crews left the scene after 4.30am.

The property was destroyed by the raging inferno after flames tore through the roof.

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Queensland Fire and Emergency Services Acting Inspector Cam Thomas said it had "pretty much well engulfed" the house.

A spokesman for Queensland Ambulance said paramedics assessed Anton at the scene.

But he did not need hospital treatment.

An investigation has been launched into what caused the fire.

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