Hitchhiking cat turns up two years later and over 50 miles away

Curiosity doesn’t always kill the cat. Sometimes it just takes the them on a wild adventure.

Jordan Harvey’s black cat Ruby wandered away from his home in Brogborough, Bedfordshire, in April 2018.

Jordan now thinks she must have climbed onto a lorry at a truck stop on the nearby M1 motorway, because nearly three years after she disappeared, Ruby has turned up over 50 miles away on an industrial estate in Coventry.

Leighton Myers, the Coventry security guard who had been feeding the “stray cat" for three weeks got in touch with Cats Protection, who found that the five-year-old black moggy had a microchip and used that to trace Ruby back to Jordan.

Cat and owner were finally reunited on Wednesday.

No-one knows what happened to Ruby in the intervening two-and-a-half years. Leighton had only met her about three weeks ago, and letting her sleep in his car at night to keep warm.

She was in good condition when she was found though, so chances are she’d found herself another home

Cats Protection had their work cut out tracking Jordan down, because he had moved house and changed his phone number since registering his cat’s microchip. "When he got a letter from us, Jordan thought it was a hoax," volunteer Wendy Harris told the BBC.

But they had definitely found the right owner: "When she saw him, she knew who he was straightaway, after all this time, and was all over him," Wendy added.

Thanking the security guard who looked after his cat and the Cats Protection staff who tracked him down, Jordan said: "They brought my little girl back to me and I'm forever grateful to them."

He added: "No words can describe the happiness I'm feeling right now.

"I had little hope of finding her after nearly three years, but now she's home safe and sound."

Wendy Harris said the heartwarming story is a good reminder that you should always have your pets microchipped, and remember to keep the details up-to-date.

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