Hoarder murdered drug addict then lived with ‘mummified’ corpse for 15 years

A hoarder murdered a drug addict then lived with his ‘mummified’ corpse for 15 years, an inquest heard.

Bruce Roberts, who has since died, gunned down Shane Snellman, 39, in Sydney, Australia in October 2002.

He kept the decomposing body stashed in a bedroom of his house for 15 years until he himself died in 2017, aged 60.

Neighbours reportedly described him as a hoarder and a “creepy” loner.

But Snellman’s body was not found until May 2018, when cleaners went inside the property to clear it for sale.

His corpse, which was fully-clothed and kept in a seated position, was surrounded by air freshener products, news.com.au reports.

Snellman had a gunshot wound to the supraclavicular fossa, which is the indentation in the neck above the collar bone, the NSW Coroner’s Court heard.

A stash of 19 illegal firearms and ammunition was later recovered by police from Roberts’ home, which was full of piles of hoarded debris.

Snellman was identified from his tattoos, along with his DNA and fingerprints from his criminal convictions.

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Tests showed he had taken amphetamines and crystal meth before his death.

The inquest heard Snellman had likely broken into his home – although his sister Belinda denied it and claimed he “already knew” Roberts.

Snellman and Roberts were described in the coroner’s court as strangers to each other.

But they happened to have a “chance encounter” at Roberts’ home, it was said.

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Roberts was described by his own cousin as “a bit strange, a loner, socially awkward”.

The older he got the more reclusive he became, and he suffered from medical conditions including hypertension, varicose veins.

In May 2017 he complained he had chest pains to his doctor, although he declined treatment.

The inquest heard he died of an apparent heart attack.

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Neighbours phoned police after they did not see him for a few weeks, the inquest heard.

Officers found Roberts’ body on top of a bar heater, which was still switched on.

The decomposing body was damaged from the heater, with signs of “extreme charring”, the inquest was told.

But Snellman's body was not discovered until five days later by cleaners.

Snellman, who had convictions for property and theft offences, along with drug supply, had been estranged from his family for years.

His sister, Tracy Lee Snellman Trudgett, said she “screamed and fell to the floor” when she heard he had died.

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