Homeless woman doused with water as store worker yells move and clean up

A homeless woman was left freezing in the cold after she was doused with a bucket of water by a convenience store worker.

The horrible incident took place outside Triple S Food Mart in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, US, on Boxing Day when the 33-year-old employee, Kasey Young, lost her temper.

In a video she shared on Facebook, a male colleague followed her out of the shop to the parking lot and showed her carrying a bucket of water.

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She poured the water over a homeless woman sitting on a curb.

"Move!" Young shouted. "I'm not telling y'all again. Move this s*** and get the f*** out! I'm sick of this s***."

As they walked back to the shop, at least two other homeless people can be seen packing their belongings and one replied: "I'm doing it."

People condemned her act and called it an "inhuman" treatment to the homeless.

One wrote under her video: "We live in Louisiana and we know how cold it is. It’s not a skit and it’s not funny or justified or anything else."

"Why are you posting this? You probably thought that we wouldn’t care because she’s homeless. Next time when God gives you a chance to do the right thing I hope you do it," another blasted.

Baton Rouge Police Department were alerted of the incident and have taken the homeless woman to shelter.

They added that Young has been given a misdemeanor summons on a count of simple battery.

Store owner Abdul Muflahi, said publicly the next day that Young had been terminated.

He said in a press conference: "When I got the news, I didn’t speak to the employee too much.

"All I told her was to leave the property because we do not handle situations like that."


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