Horrified customs officials discover decapitated head of boy posted to US celeb

The severed head of a young boy has been found in a box on its way to a celebrity in a routine check.

The box, being sent from Argentina to the USA, was subject to a scan during transit but was discovered to contain what appeared to be bones in Monte Grande, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Inside was a boy’s head thought to be between the ages of nine and 12 who had been dead long enough for the remains to begin to mummify.

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Over fears that the trafficking of remains could have occurred, the box was opened and the grim discovery was confirmed.

Inside, a Spider-Man mask was found but it wasn’t alone – the head was found wrapped neatly in a gauze inside the box.

The head was reported by Correo Argentino to have been decapitated perfectly with an outcrop of reddish hair still in place.

The head was also described as having a base of scarred skin.

The box is understood to have had an address of a female American celebrity known for participating in reality shows.

The sender of the box is understood to have used a fake identity.

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Authorities in Argentina are now looking into whether the woman requested the box be sent or if it was being dispatched without her knowledge.

According to authorities, the head is thought to have been headed for Brooklyn New York, with local reports claiming the package had been labelled as a "crafted Spiderman ornament”.

The head has since been transferred to Argentina’s Department of Fiscal Crimes following an intervention from a National Economic Criminal Court.

The head is now going to be held by the Fiscal Crimes department for safekeeping.

Since then the Argentine Forensic Anthropology Team have carried out radiology studies on the discovery to try and uncover its origin.

A source told Correo Argentino: “The conditions of discovery are rare. Skeletonized skulls are usually found, but not mummified.”

The site claims this makes the possibility of a black market sale more likely.

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