Horrifying moment sick Russians blow up bear after luring it to explosives – VID

Russian forces lead a bear into explosive trap in Yakutia

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The video footage has caused outrage on social media, due to the extreme cruelty of the killing. A Russian MP has vowed to hold the perpetrators accountable for animal cruelty. The group of miners in Yakutia do not give a reason for their choice to create an explosive trap in order to kill the bear. The graphic video clip shows the miners luring the bear into the explosive trap, before detonating the bomb. 

A miner’s voice can be heard speaking about laying the explosive to kill the bear.

The translation of the clip: “He is handsome.

“Get ready.”

“Everyone, it’s getting close.”

“Come on, it’s coming.”

“It smells, it hears.”

“It’s already near the pot.”

Just before the explosion, one of the miners says: “Do it now, let’s go. That’s it.”

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The remote Siberian shift works have not yet been identified for their crimes of cruelty.

The local Siberian bears are drawn to those areas, as they roam around in search of food and scraps which may be left behind by humans.

The workers lured the bear with some food in order to kill it.

Some online users have been calling for the prosecution of those involved in the murder.

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Users on social media have been reacting to the video clip.

Twitter user @Rfigz_2k1 said: “Apparently they love bears, but they kill them. Apparently, they love God, but they destroy orthodox churches. Apparently, they love Chaikovsky, but they destroy his house.”

@Mikabackstrom said: “This just describes the evilness of these people.”

@Brianfevre87 said: “I mean, bears do kill people. That explosion was massive so it would have been painless and instant. Maybe they didn’t have a gun?”

@Moralist_metric said: “When you blow up the animals which represent your country… This would basically would be a US citizen being proud of blowing up a bald Eagle..”

@Lupusgarou said: “Cruelty to animals is simply ingrained in Yakutia. Two years ago they slit throats of 200 dogs in a local shelter and murder of homeless animals is routine. Yes, they do have a huge problem with street animals, but these people don’t even bother to put animals down humanely.”

@Theclimatehoax1 said: “This bear needed to be demilitarised and denazified!“ – worker.”

@Sugarcubedog2 said: “That is so messed up! Though we’ve seen what they do to people so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.”

@Mijanous said: “It’s cruel, but at least the poor bear didn’t suffer. I’ll give them that. And don’t pretend people that bear hunting is not happening all over the world. Actually hunting in general is happening all over the world. And some of the ‘elite’ also hunt for sport endangered animals.”

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