Horror as boy, 13, stabs teacher in back in savage attack in Spain

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The horror unfolded during a class and saw the boy attack his teacher in front of other students. The incident took place at the Monteagudo bilingual school in southeast Spain.

The dramatic event occurred at around 10:40 am on Wednesday.

The pupils, in the second year of compulsory secondary education (ESO), were in the middle of a Maths class when the minor took a knife out of a bag, got up from his chair and attacked the teacher while they were writing on the blackboard, according to the school’s headmaster.

The teacher, with whom, according to the headmaster, the student had a “very good” relationship, was able to react, turn around and restrain the boy.

While keeping the boy immobilised, he alerted another teacher and, according to the Monteagudo school principal, the teacher was sent to the school infirmary, where he was given initial treatment before being taken to Morales Meseguer hospital.

Meanwhile, the other teacher was in charge of moving the child to another room and the school management notified the National Police.

The teacher, who is originally from Ireland, was discharged later in the day with minor injuries but will remain under observation whilst he recovers from the shock.

Headmaster, Guillermo Rodriguez said: “The pupil, who has been at the school for two years, is a very affable and polite boy who has not had a single disciplinary report and gets very good marks.

“He is perfectly integrated and has never given any trouble.”

In the moments following the incident, the child was unable to explain to his teachers the origin of the alleged attack.

Mr Rodriguez said: “He only asked: ‘What happened? How is the teacher? He gave the impression he was not aware of what had happened.”

The teacher who was allegedly attacked was also interested in the boy’s condition as soon as he got in touch from the hospital.

The Monteagudo school alerted the Emergency Coordination Centre, which in turn alerted the local and national police.

An ambulance unit transported the teacher to the hospital.

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The alleged aggressor was taken into the custody of the National Police Minors Group (Grume) while waiting for the Minors’ Prosecutor’s Office to decide on the action to be taken.

Minors under 14 years of age can’t be punished by law and must receive protection.

Police protocol stipulates he must be in the presence of his parents until the Juvenile Prosecutor’s Office makes a decision on the matter.

The boy is now under the guardianship of his parents.

The school management showed concern for the family of the child.

Mr Rodriguez continued saying: “We are in contact with them, we understand they are going through a difficult and complicated situation and they can count on our help,”

The headteacher insisted the teacher “also feels this way”.


Mr Rodriguez added: “He is a teacher who has an excellent relationship with his students, and he is concerned about the child’s condition.

“It is not easy for the family.”

The school management sent a note to the families in the early afternoon informing them of the incident: “This morning a pupil assaulted a teacher while he was teaching.

“The teacher is out of danger.

“We are confident he will make a speedy recovery.”

The school will resume classes this Thursday and the management hopes to return to normality soon.

Additional reporting by Maria Ortega

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