Horror moment huge rat scurries from under Christmas tree in front of family

An unlucky family were forced to grab an air rifle and broom after they spotted a dirty rat hiding in their Christmas tree.

The filthy rodent could be seen making a mad dash for freedom in a clip shared to TikTok, before it meets the family cat and quickly turns around to scuttle back to the festive decoration.

After the rat retreats back into the tree, the terrified bloke is seen standing on top of a dresser while his brave wife takes aim at the animal with an air gun.

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It appears her attempts were eventually successful as at the end of the video she pumps her fists in triumphant joy before rushing to console a crying kid.

The pair has now warned other families to check their Christmas trees in case it is being used for cover by a rodent in a video posted to the popular social networking site, which has since been shared more than 30,000 times and liked by more than 90,000 people.

"We had a rat in our Christmas tree!!! Check those Christmas boxes, people!" they wrote on their account.

The footage sparked hilarity on TikTok, with users flocking to poke fun at the dad for his reaction.

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One joked: “Love how she was taking care of business and he was on top of the dresser screaming,” with another adding: “Can we just address the fact that momma is taking care of business and sir is levitating for life.”

Someone else admitted they were impressed with the calmness shown and said they would be “setting my house on fire" if a similar situation had happened to them.

A fourth wrote watching the footage had changed their festive plans, writing: “I was going to get my Christmas tree out today… I don’t think I’ll bother.”

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