Horror moment rollercoaster hurls passengers to the ground as track breaks

Terrifying video has emerged showing a rollercoaster derails and crashes to the ground, leaving 10 people injured.

The incident happened at the amusement park in Maranguape, Ceara state in north-eastern Brazil on Tuesday, September 6.

Footage shared on social media shows thrill-seekers going past the station in the background.

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As the ride goes in a loop, the rollercoaster comes off the track and a member of the staff rushes to offer help.

Another piece of footage shows the aftermath of the crash, with the track broken and the cars scrambled on the ground.

Local reports stated that 10 people on the ride were injured.

A female teacher, who chose to remain anonymous, was on the ride at the time said she was thrown to the ground by the impact.

She told local media: "We went up and heard the rollercoaster creaking.

"The second time we went down fast and when it was the third time it broke.

"A car overturned with two girls in it and I was thrown out…

"The pressure was great, it was terrible, even now my mental health is shaken, as something worse could have happened."

The boy who was filming while on the rollercoaster, told local media: "It was on the ride's third lap.

"The rollercoaster track broke, throwing three girls out.

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"There were 10 of us in total, the other seven were left with minor injuries, mainly to the legs, where the iron safety bar was.

"I was helpless at the time, I just wanted to know if my family was all right."

Earlier this week in India, a fairground ride malfunctioned and crashed to the ground from a height.

16 people including adults and children were tossed violently into the air after the brutal crash landing.

They were rushed to the hospital but no information has yet been released about the extent of their injuries.


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