Horror shark attack injuries of bodyboarder mauled to death by great white

A great white shark killed a bodyboarder by sinking its teeth into his head, chest and shoulder in a horrifying assault.

Tomas Abraham Butterfield, 42, was enjoying Christmas Eve at Morro Bay in California, US last year when his body was savaged out in the water.

A coroner's report says he died from his injuries within minutes of the attack having suffered “complications of multiple penetrating blunt force traumatic injuries”.

According to officials on the investigation, a piece of what appeared to be a shark’s tooth was found on his body but the size of the predator responsible was not estimated in the report.

One of the bite marks though covered an enormous 16 inches but doctors could not make out whether the bodyboarder's injuries were the result of one attack or several lunges.

Tomas was at Morro Rock after travelling from Sacramento to see his mum and brother for the Christmas holidays.

A surfer rushed to his aid after spotting him floating face down in the water and still attached to his bodyboard.

A pathologist wrote in the coroner’s report that Butterfield sustained a fractured skull and crushed ribs as well as damage to the inferior vena cava which carries blood from the torso and lower body to the heart.

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According to Mike Harris of California Department of Fish and Wildlife, who assisted in the investigation, DNA confirmed that Tomas was killed by a great white shark.

On the other side of America, Florida's latest Spring Break reveller is a beastly great white shark spotted off the Gulf Coast.

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Weighing over 114 stone and measuring more than 12 feet long, the massive adult male has been named Scot by OCEARCH, a global non-profit marine research organisation.

Elsewhere a spearfisher has filmed the terrifying moment he was dragged through the water by a gigantic sea monster after it stole his catch.

Samuel Wardner, better known as @blackpointoutdoor on TikTok, shared the footage just four days ago and it has already been watched more than 8 million times.

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