Hotel room featuring tiger behind glass closed over fears it could break through

The Chinese government has ordered a hotel to close their guest room following concerns that a live tiger was separated from guests only by one pane of glass.

The hotel, located in eastern China, sparked fears over the animal's welfare after it could be seen prowling up and down within an enclosed space.

Guests are separated from the white tiger by blast-proof glass which offers them an exotic view from a room at the Sendi Tribe Treehouse Hotel in Nantong.

And while visitors are protected from the predator, the design fails to meet the needs for the animal, whom can be easily alarmed when situated close to the glass, according to the Times.

The hotel is linked to the Nantong Forest safari park, which is one of the wide-scale zoos in the region, being home to almost 20,000 wild animals.

Chinese-government owned publication, Beijing News said there needed to be further analysis as to whether the design met the soundproof requirements to protect the tiger's welfare, reports Daily Mail.

It is believed that one-way glass could limit the disturbances to the animals.

China National Radio suggested the tiger room had been promoted ahead of the Chinese Year of the Tiger, using the celebration as a marketing gimmick.

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It comes after Harbin hotel in northeastern China unveiled the world's first polar bear hotel last year, which allows guests to view the animals 24 hours a day, offering a view of the bears' enclosure.

Simon Marsh, the acting director of UK-based welfare group Wild Welfare, said other facilities should put the needs of their animals before the publics.

"These bears appear to have no fresh air, no space to roam, no privacy, no peace, no view and just artificial stimulation," he said when the zoo first opened.

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