Huge landslide sees cliff crash down on UK beach as Brits bask in mini-heatwave

Brits looking to enjoy the mini-heatwave at the seaside have been urged to stay away from Nefyn Beach in Wales after a huge landslide.

North Wales Police are dealing with the incident off the coast of on the north coast of the Llyn peninsula where a large chunk of the mountainside, including people's gardens, had crashed onto the beach below.

Experts told Wales Online that the recent ever-changing temperatures could have been the cause.

They say that the warm days and cold nights could have caused any cracks that were in the ground to get bigger leading to parts of the cliff face falling away.

North Wales residents say there have been a number of smaller landslides along the coastline over the last few months.

Officers issued the warning on social media after becoming aware that members of the public were flocking to the dangerous scene to take pictures.

The warning reads: "The public are advised to avoid the area until further notice, whilst emergency services and utility companies make the area safe."

Gwynedd Council were on-site with police this evening and also issued a warning stating: "A significant landslide has affected the beach in Nefyn with a large part of the cliff having fallen on the beach earlier today.

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“Gwynedd Council officers are on-site with the police and security measures have been taken including restricting access to parts of the beach.

“Arrangements have been made for an initial investigation of the cliff to be carried out and we urge people to keep clear and not to visit this area for the time being.”

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One aerial photo shows houses near the edge of the affected area after their gardens had fallen.

However, there appears to be no injuries or fatalities as the Welsh Ambulance Service confirmed to Wales Online that they were not called to the scene.

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