Human extinction fears as world-changing AI could spell end of species

Artificial intelligence captures Sun's varying atmospheric conditions

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Mr Cohen told the committee: “With superhuman AI there is a particular risk that is of a different sort of class, which is, well, it could kill everyone.

“If you imagine training a dog with treats: it will learn to pick actions that lead to it getting treats, but if the dog finds the treat cupboard, it can get the treats itself without doing what we wanted it to do.”

He added that superhuman AI could attack us in such a way that it wouldn’t leave any indication that it was about to attack. As result, humanity would have no warning.

Mr Cohen said: “If you have something that’s much smarter than us over every domain, it would presumably avoid sending any red flags while we still could pull the plug.”

Mr Cohen wasn’t the only Oxford academic to warn about the future domination of AI.

Professor Michael Osborne said: “I think the bleak scenario is realistic because AI is attempting to bottle what makes humans special that [quality] has led to humans completely changing the face of the Earth. So if we’re able to capture that in technology then of course it’s going to pose just as much risk to us as we have posed to other species – the dodo is one example.”

Professor Osborne’s comments come months after a survey among scientists revealed that 36 percent of them believed super-intelligent artificial intelligence could cause a disaster or nuclear war.

Talking to the Daily Star, New York University’s Julian Michael said: “If machine learning is deployed in a nuclear warning system and it makes a mistake… then maybe we have a problem.”

The scenario scientists are concerned about is one which has been mirrored in multiple films over the years, including The Matrix.

The film depicts a future where machines use humanity as their source of power for their digital simulation.

During one of the early salvos of the film, one of the main characters, Morpheus, explained that the trouble began with the birth of AI that subsequently went to war with humanity.

While this scenario is not an imminent threat, scientists are concerned about the growing arms race between different technological groups racing to produce the best AI systems.

Furthermore, the impact is already being felt, from the nation’s education to relationships.

Earlier this year it was reported one woman said it was because of an AI chatbot that she had decided to divorce her husband.

She said she was splitting from her spouse because the ChatGPT chat boot had told her to.

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