Human-like cats that use the toilet and stand on two feet flood internet

Cats are without doubt one of the most-loved pets in the whole world.

But their unpredictable, scatty and downright hilarious personalities have often flummoxed their owners.

Among the comical trait belonging to felines is their apparent desire to act exactly like their human counterparts.

So, at a time when the world is suffering from the coronavirus doom and gloom all around them, Daily Star Online thought what better time to cheer yourself up and take a look at some truly human-like cats.

In one clip, a grey Bengal feline has apparently taught itself to use the toilet rather than a litter box.

It hops onto the toilet seat, faces towards the wall and stands on the rim as it positions itself for a wee.

Despite the owner filming, the cat remains unfazed and jumps to the ground. It looks back into the rim for a check of approval before walking away.

In comments, viewers expressed their disbelief and said they "wished they had a cat smart like that".

But not all cats prefer to stay active, with one black and white feline being caught on camera resting on floor just like a human.

As Louie the Turkish Angor comes into view, he is seen leaning against a cupboard door in the kitchen and gazes into the camera.

The cat poses like a man sitting sluggishly on a chair.

One viewer said the cat "looks like he has a long day" while another one wrote: "She just looks like me."

In another clip, a genius cat somehow manages to find its way home through a complex maze of corridors.

TikTok user "motionz21" found it unbelievable when his cat dashed off the lift and ran along the corridor.

The footage shows the defiant feline getting a step ahead of his owner and leading the way home.

The owner says in the background: "Well let's see if he knows the way home. Where's he going?"

Another man replies: "He might go to the first door.

They follow and the owner gasps: "Ah he made it, usually he goes there [the first door]."

Perhaps the most human-like cat of all was a 10-month-old Siberian forest cat in San Diego, California.

Footage of the moggie, named Sterling, shows him standing on his hind legs in a field. It appears that something has drawn his attention as he "stands on his tippy toes" to seek out.

The adorable feline has melted hearts of hundreds with some deeming it a "domestic meerkat".

Others ask what the cat was looking at, with the owner revealed that Sterling was looking for a gopher.

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