Hundreds left trapped on roof of Hong Kongs World Trade Centre as fire breaks out

Up to 350 people were left trapped on the roof of Hong Kong’s World Trade Centre after a major fire broke out.

The fire started to rip through the 38-story building, which houses both offices and a mall, in the bustling commercial and shopping district of Causeway Bay early on Wednesday afternoon.

Police said 150 people were still awaiting rescue.

Seven women and a man were among eight people taken to hospital – one of them semi-conscious.

It came as the blaze was upgraded to a level three incident on a scale of one to five.

Hong Kong’s government said firefighters were battling the fire with two water jets and had deployed breathing apparatus.

Firefighters also used an extendable ladder to rescue several people who were trapped on the lower floors of the building.

The emergency services cordoned off the area outside the building.

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