Hundreds of anti-lockdown protesters clash with police in Trafalgar Square

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Hundreds of anti-lockdown protesters have clashed with riot police at a rally in Trafalgar Square organised by opponents of the Government's coronavirus restrictions.

Metropolitan Police officers intercepted the mass rally as angry demonstrators defied coronavirus laws without masks on.

The protestors descended upon Nelson’s column in central London, carrying placards branding Covid-19 as the "plandemic."

Others carried cards which read “this is now tyranny,” in reference to tightening lockdown restrictions across the country.

Police on foot and horseback attempted to break up the gathering, but one protester hit a London taxi driver as he attempted to move his car through a wave of people.

Another protestor's large dog reportedly escaped from its lead and ran around near to the National Gallery as chaos ensued.

Pictures from the protest show police wearing masks attempting to reason with cheering and chanting individuals.

It is believed the group were chanting "freedom" as organisers of the Resist And Act For Freedom rally sold T-shirts bearing 5G conspiracy theories.

The protestors anger appeared to be directed at the Government, arguing against mask coverings, lockdown restrictions and vaccinations.

Addressing the crowd to huge cheers, organiser Kate Shemirani said: 'We are the resistance.'

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