Hundreds of Mongrel Mob vehicles cause traffic disruption during Porirua tangi

Police are monitoring a Mongrel Mob tangi being held in Porirua today, after 50 infringements were issued for a similar ceremony just weeks ago.

Around 250 vehicles converged in Porirua to take patched gang members and associates through the city to Whenua Tapu cemetery to farewell an associate killed in a motorcycle crash last week.

Photographs of the scene show people hanging out of the windows of cars pulling gang signs.

Police say there have been no significant incidents, but some traffic disruptions were reported.

It’s the second tangi for the Porirua Mob in less than a month. Three weeks ago, Mongrel Mob members gathered to farewell 18-year-old Rikki Enoka, who was also killed in a motorcycle crash.

More than 50 infringement notices for riding dangerously on a vehicle were handed out after Enoka’s tangi, with two people arrested and four vehicles impounded.

Porirua Mayor Anita Baker says the council will work alongside police on Wednesday to ensure the procession goes as smoothly as possible.

“We usually leave all the lights green so they can get through them quickly.

“We have a number of these events and it’s just better and safer for our community to have them move through quickly rather than having them waiting at the lights.”

Police say they will be present at Wednesday’s tangi, ready to arrest rule breakers if necessary – but would rather they didn’t have to.

“Police urge those involved to be considerate of other road users and adhere to alert level restrictions.”

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