Hunt for ex after he ‘stabs teen mum to death at birthday party and kidnaps kid’

A teenage mum's 18th birthday party turned into tragedy when her ex and dad of her infant son broke in and stabbed the woman and her mum to death before running away with their other child.

Nathalia Saldanha's family are reported to have been determined to throw her a big birthday bash after the mum split from her violent ex-partner Luis Felipe Correa de Oliveira, 29.

But the party turned into a tragedy after he broke into the property in Guaianases, in Sao Paulo in Brazil and stabbed the two family members to death on Monday (October 12).

Eyewitnesses said they have no idea how he managed to get inside, but suddenly he was there with a knife, "stabbing out at random".

They add that he then targeted Nathalia and her mother, Priscila Saldanha.

Both were fatally stabbed, while her dad, who tried to defend his wife and daughter, and two other people were injured.

One of the others injured was a 10-year-old child.

The attacker had apparently refused to accept their separation and was determined to get revenge on Ms Saldanah and her family for dumping him, according to local reports.

Neighbour Jesse Silveira told local news media G1: "They had been separated about a month and half and he couldn't accept the fact and kept trying to win her back.

"But she didn't want it and the family didn't either. It sent him into a furious rage, and as a result, he carried out this barbaric crime."

The police tried to locate the killer at his home, but he was nowhere to be found.

Police also added that it appeared he has his two-year-old daughter with him, who he picked up from Natalia's house just a few hours before the attack.

Police are treating the case as a homicide and are looking for the man, who is on the run.

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