Hurricane Sam path: Hurricane remnants trigger nine-hour weather warning for UK

UK Weather: Yellow warnings issued ahead of heavy rain and winds

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The end of Hurricane Sam is forecast to impact the UK’s weather this weekend. A nine-hour weather warning has been issued, as strong winds and heavy rain are predicted to batter Britain. Here’s the latest on these weather warnings.

Nowhere in the UK is expected to be spared from the heavy rains and winds generated by Hurricane Sam this weekend.

As forecasters are predicting wet and windy conditions across the UK.

A warning has been put in place from 1pm to 10pm on Saturday for the whole of the UK.

Thankfully Hurricane Sam did not reach land, it passed North America without making landfall, sparing the area from any serious damage.

However, the category four hurricane has been so powerful that it will affect the UK’s weather next week.

The Met Office has issued warnings for very strong winds and heavy rain over the weekend.

A yellow weather warning covers southern and eastern coastal areas.

While the Met Office has said the public should be alert as they continue to track the hurricane’s unpredictable movement.

The Met Office is expected to make further announcements on how the weather will be impacted by the hurricane next week.

Met Office forecaster, Aidan McGivern has said the impact on UK weather will be worse if the hurricane hit the UK’s jet stream.

He said: ”It is currently safely away from the UK, on the other side of the Atlantic.

“It has not directly impacted any land areas, but it will be approaching the jet stream, and it could play havoc with the jet stream.”

“It could, if it interacts with the jet stream in a certain way, but it might not affect the jet stream at all. It is such a small bundle of energy that it will have a huge impact on the jet stream if it joins in with it.

“It could push it to the north of the UK, and what the would mean is that by Friday, high pressure could build over the UK making it drier.

But severe weather conditions may not be inevitable, Mr McGivern added: “Another scenario is that it won’t touch the jet stream, meaning it will continue to be wet and windy.”

However, the picture appears uncertain as Mr McGivern explains: “All the different computer models are saying very different things about the track of Hurricane Sam. We talk about uncertainty a lot, this is particularly uncertain.”

What do the Met Office’s yellow warnings mean?

Yellow weather warnings can be issued for a range of weather conditions.

The Met Office say many are issued when it’s likely the weather will cause some low-level impacts.

These could include some disruption to travel in a few places

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