I went on a solo date – but a creep followed me and tried to sniff my bum

A woman who took herself on a solo date to her favourite bookstore captured the moment a bloke crept up behind and tried to sniff her bum.

Michaela Witter was visiting the Barnes & Noble store in Burbank, California, US, on Tuesday (August 8) when she spotted a strange man following her around some of the sections she was browsing in.

So, the uneasy 28-year-old decided to prop her phone on a shelf to capture what was going on while her back was turned.

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To her horror, she caught the creep sneaking up behind her and trying to sniff her backside – leaving her feeling "violated".

The business owner quickly turned to confront the shameless bloke, who was tall and had a bald head, as he claimed he was merely tying his shoelace.

However, the woman's video caught the man also crouching down behind another unsuspecting woman.

Michaela said it looked like the alleged bum-sniffing fiend was smelling her behind too.

The disgusted shopper reported the incident to the store manager and police, and shared the clip online to urge other women to be vigilant when out alone.

She said: "I was sitting on the floor looking at a few books when I noticed a guy peering into that area, and I made eye contact with him. Then he laughed a little bit.

"I thought he was maybe someone that was interested [in me] I don't know. But I also thought that maybe he was just reading a book and just happened to be in that section so didn't really think anything of it.

"Then when I got up, I saw him disappear and wherever I went [in the store], I saw him around me. When I went to a different, more open area, I set my phone up on the bookshelf.

"It was the back camera facing me so I couldn't see anything that was happening behind me. I just thought I'd see on the tape that he was around me, I didn't think anything further than that.

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"He didn't talk to me or touch me, I just thought he was lurking around me. Then I heard mumbling behind me and that's what made me turn to find him directly under me.

"He was very, very, very close to me and then pretended to tie his shoe [when I asked what he was doing]. I was really creeped out and I felt violated because seeing him originally, he was very close to me and in my face.

"I almost felt like he had done something to me. But then looking back at the video, that's when I felt really violated seeing what he was doing. I was really scared."

The ordeal has left Michaela so scared that she's since ordered a taser and self-defence keychain to make her feel safer and is looking into taking self-defence classes.

Barnes & Noble and the Burbank Police Department have been contacted by the Daily Star for comment.

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