Iconic WWE wrestler resurfaces after long absence and fans agree on one thing

A wrestler who was a cult WWE fan favourite in the 1990s has made a rare appearance.

Known during the peak of his career as the Lethal Weapon, martial arts expert Steven Blackman was loved by fans for the realism he brought to WWE at the time – as well as his unbelievable deadpan personality.

And now, after 20 years after his full-time in-ring career ended, Blackman reappeared alongside the legendary Hardy Boys tag team at an MCW Pro Wrestling show in the United States.

Although he didn't appear on the show, the six-time former WWE Hardcore Champion took time out after the show to take a photo with the newly-reunited tag team.

Posting the image on Twitter, All Elite Wrestling's Matt Hardy wrote: “Myself and Jeff were so happy to run into Steve Blackman today.

“A legit cool and bad**s dude who rarely does public appearances nowadays.”

The now-58 year old was known for wearing a simple pair of black jogging pants as his ring attire, and he had jet black hair.

And fans on social media agreed that all it would take for the man – who was famous for his used of a kendo stick as a weapon – to return to his prime would be the pants and some hair dye.

The bail bondsman, who ranked as number 70 in the top 500 wrestlers in the world by Pro Wrestling Illustrated in 2001, appears to have defied ageing.

One Twitter user wrote: “Blackman is still perfectly coiffed. Best/tightest flat top of all time.”

And other posted: “Steve Blackman could probably still kick all our favourite wrestlers’ a***s.

“What a man.”
A sentiment echoed by another user, who tweeted: “Steve Blackman look like he still whoopin' everybody a** in the building (sic).”

Many fans also agreed that Blackman looked as if he could still make a good go of it in the ring today, with AEW owner – and Fulham FC's director of football operations – Tony Khan being tagged in a number of tweets asking for him to give the man a chance.

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