Incredible Bond girl yacht with movie inspired interiors on sale for £72million

A huge $100 million (£72m) superyacht paying homage to Bond girls with an interior inspired by the film franchise and built with a stealth design has been unveiled.

The seductive 230-foot vessel was created in tribute to the famous female companions that have starred alongside the long-string of Bonds.

With two-floors, the outside of the yacht feels muted, while inside radiates the sex appeal of James Bond's famous love interests, The Sun reports.

George Lucian and Hannah Hombergen, designers of the lavish yacht, says the "extremely powerful design lines and stealth appearance".

The brilliantly named "B0nd Girl" is the ideal mode of transport for any Bond villain, according to Monaco-based George.

He continued: "As always, I get inspiration from the military, stealth, aviation and space industries, and, of course for this one, the villain in the movies with spies."

The superyacht has a huge master bedroom as its vocal point, spread over two huge floors – a nod to the spy's seductive reputation.

All of the interior's decoration is directly inspired by the Bond films and is brightened with soft low-lights, shining off the alluring dark wood fittings.

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More living space is available for guests where the engines are based.

The two innovative designers spent most of their design time planning the structure to prevent noises at sea from penetrating into the master bedroom.

In total, it would cost around $100million (£72m) to produce – the kind of money supervillains would spend on their mode of transport.

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But designer George said everybody will be a fan of this yacht, villain or not.

"Whether you are the good guy or the villain, this superyacht will perfectly fit for your next mission," he added.

A Russian billionaire recently showed off his movie-inspired yacht worth a whopping £33m – fitted with an onboard theatre, gym and pool.

The 'Triple Seven' was seen passing through Southend-on-Sea earlier this year.

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