Incredible video shows soldiers fighting using futuristic night vision goggles

The US Army has shared epic footage of their soldiers using the new night vision goggles that turns the battlefield into something out of a video game.

The new Enhanced Night Vision Goggle-Binoculars (ENVG-B) can trace the outlines of soldiers, weapons, trees and even machine gun fire with clarity.

Lancer Brigade tweeted the video of the joint live-fire exercise conducted by four different units at Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Washington, US.

Footage shows the troop glowing in orange lights as they fire rounds of bullets from their machine guns.

The setting captures the firing and visualises it into neon-blue beams. It also shows the sparks when the soldiers fire the mortar gun nearby.

The new night vision goggle allow them to see through rain, fog, sleet or dust, as well as an ability to outline silhouettes that would help troops pick out a target peeking out from behind a barrier or tree.

Lynn Bollengier, of the goggles' developer L3Harris Technologies, said: "The ENVG-B is the most advanced night vision goggle ever developed for and fielded by the US Army, enabling a soldier to see and manoeuvre in zero and low-light situations.

"We have delivered more than 4,500 combat-ready systems to the US Army, which meet today’s urgent operational needs of our close combat forces."

The goggles can alternate to different modes – one of them can display the night-time world as if it were bright as day.

And another mode allows the users to translate written foreign languages on the spot, which would be a great advantage when it comes to identifying targets and reading navigations.

Viewers compared the scene to classic video game Halo, with one sharing a screenshot of how the night vision goggles in the game outline the character.

A second added: "When Halo 3: ODST becomes reality."

Another said: "I've always wanted to know what it would feel like to be in the movie 'Tron'!"

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