Infamous neo-Nazi gang leader ‘tattooed wounds’ around attacker’s heart in brawl

The leader of the notorious Aryan Brotherhood prison gang – who served 45 years in jail – has claimed that he never killed anybody, preferring instead to wound his opponents to teach them a lesson.

The Aryan Brotherhood is a white supremacist US prison group founded in 1964, whose members participate in illicit behaviour including drug trafficking and violent brawls.

When Michael Thompson was jailed for a double murder – which he still denies being guilty of – the convicted killer quickly rose up the organisation’s ranks to become one of the gang’s leaders.

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But, despite his association with the violent group, Michael recently told the Anything Goes with James English podcast that he had never killed anybody, and “deplores violence”.

“I take no satisfaction in stabbing another person,” he claimed, before suggesting that it was never his intention to kill in any of the scraps he became embroiled in.

“In some of my knife fights, particularly the older knife fights where you had the opportunity to engage in what is called long-term combat, you can bleed your opponent as opposed to stabbing your opponent.

“If you bleed your opponent then they grow week, and you typically have them. So then the choice is take their life or not take their life; I always chose not to take their life, I never saw any value in that.”

Michael accepted that this tactic may have left him open to revenge attacks, but suggested that the mercy he showed to his assailants often meant they didn’t consider targeting him in future.

“I did have an instance where an individual tried to stab me when I didn’t have a knife, essentially what happened was an attempted assassination,” he recalled.

“But I took the knife away from him and when I put him down, he begged for his life. So I tattooed a series of wounds around his heart, to remind him that I’d given him his life.

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“Fortunately I’ve never had to take life as a result of my skill set, and I’m grateful for that actually. Violence, it does impact upon you.”

The former gang member is now a reformed life-coach, and has plans to release a memoir about his 45 year-stretch inside US prisons.

And, reflecting on his life in another podcast episode recently, Michael revealed the closest he had come to death himself, after nearly choking on blood during an alleged beating from prison guards.


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