Influencers lost in jungle rescued by special forces after 8 hours in wilderness

A pair of British influencers had to be rescued by special forces after getting lost in a tropical jungle.

Niomi Smart and her partner Bradley Simmons set off on a tour in the East African island of Mauritius only to lose their way and find themselves alone in a jungle.

Rather than stay put and wait to be found, attempt to return to the group, or even call the guide straight away, the couple embarked on a mission of their own.

Niomi took to Instagram on Thursday morning to tell her 1.4million followers how she and Bradley went missing in the jungle for around eight hours until they were wandering in complete darkness.

The social media star opened her story by revealing that she and Bradley are now safe and sound but they have quite a "mad story to tell" after the "most crazy 24 hours".

Describing it as the most terrifying thing she had ever gone through, Niomi said: "Yesterday we got lost in the jungle out here in Mauritius, we somehow lost our tour guide and like I literally don't know how any of this happened, it didn't feel real at the time even.

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"We were then lost in the jungle and at first thought we would quite easily find our way back to the main point where we started."

Niomi said they were on a high after being taken to a "surreal" waterfall which marked the point at which the tour turned back on itself.

"It was on our way back that we lost our tour guide and I think Brad and I's mentality is just so like we can do this, we've got this," Niomi said.

She continued: "'Car park must just be like you know a few hundred yards up there like it's fine, we'll find our way.' So stupid, so naive.

"At that point we should have turned around, gone back to the waterfall and just waited or at least just like ask for help but we just kept on going which in hindsight is the wrong thing to do.

"It was scary when it got dark. We had to literally like climb under trees, on top of trees, climbing through dense, thick, thick forest. As you can see I'm absolutely fine I'm just like my legs especially are cut to shreds."

Bradley decided to climb to the top of a tree in case a rescue helicopter had already been deployed to find them. Only after several hours of wandering did they decide to make contact with their tour guide over the phone.

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The couple were then advised to get back down to the ground and walk down to find water and keep walking to make it easier for the special forces to find them.

After sharing their live location with the crew, Niomi and Bradley were found and rescued at 8:30pm with only scratches and insect bites to complain about.

Niomi said: "It's almost like a miracle that that's the worst we've come out of the jungle with. We're just so, so lucky to have made it back to the hotel.

"I'm just so grateful to the special forces for coming out to find us. I'm sure they think we're total idiots which we are.

"How we lost our tour guide I do not know but I think we were just naïve and thinking we could find our own way back. We did not know that jungle at all."

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