Inside abandoned Chinese horror bunker used to perform sick human experiments

An abandoned bunker that was used to perform sick and twisted experiments on women and kids by a group of sadistic scientists during WW2 has been unearthed after 78 years.

The horror bunker was found near the city of Anda in northeast China, and is thought to have been the largest test site run by Japan’s Unit 731, a twisted group of scientists who committed atrocities in the name of science.

The underground bunker, a U-shaped building that is 108 ft long and 67 ft wide, was built in 1941 and was used to experiment on Korean, Russian and American captured by the Axis power during WW2.

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Researchers from the Heilongjiang Provincial Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology said: "It also highlights the ongoing legacy of Unit 731’s atrocities and their impact on global efforts to prevent biological warfare,"the South China Post reports.

It is believed that the twisted boffins conducted deadly tests on up to 12,000 kids, women and men, most of whom ended up dying from their injuries.

Unit 731 became infamous for vivisecting people without any anaesthesia and keeping them trapped in pressure chambers until their eyes burst.

It was also known for breeding disease-ridden fleas that were scattered across Chinese cities using low-flying aeroplanes, causing diseases like the bubonic plague, typhoid and cholera to wipe out thousands of innocent civilians.

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Despite their horrific crimes, the US covered up evidence of Unit 731’s terrible acts after Japan surrendered in 1945, granting immunity to the unit’s leaders in exchange for their research.

This information was used to set up the US’ biological weapons programme at Fort Detrick, Maryland, during the Cold War.

Photos of the buried building show that it held several interconnected rooms, as well as secret tunnels stemming from them.

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While archaeologists have not yet entered the site of horrors, they believe that the building will contain labs, observation and dissection rooms, holding cells, barracks, garages, bath houses, dining areas and wells.

The once heavily guarded area was surrounded by barbed wire fencing and triangular metal frames used as bombing targets which archaeologists are still keen to unearth.

The research team said that they will continue to excavate the site, and expect to uncover twisted truths about what went on inside.

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