Inside an abandoned RAF airfield stood empty for decades after its final mission

An urban explorer has ventured into the eerie abandoned buildings surrounding Kenley Airfield which were used in WW1 when the airfield was known as RAF Kenley.

YouTube channel 'urban rot' shared the video to show how the dilapidated buildings had kept since their abandonment.

The footage shows nearly every wall of the interior covered in graffiti of some kind, one wall even sports a recent coronavirus reference with a 'Tier 4' tag.

Doors hang off their hinges in most of the rooms and some entrances are missing them completely.

A lot of the windows look like they have been smashed as bricks and rubble lay around the floors.

The whole roof is missing from one part of the precarious building as footage shows heavy vegetation sprouting around the crumbling bricks.

"There's not really too much holding this up," the explorer says in the video.

"You've got big bits of brick up here between these beams that could come down at any point."

Whole walls have collapsed in other rooms which leave big bits of rubble and brick dangerously "teetering on the edge" of falling.

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A whole storey of the building has also collapsed, leaving radiators clutching to the high walls with no floor underneath to support them.

An elevator has come off its heavy hinges in one part of the former RAF building which has left a mess of metal and rubble in between two floors.

"What a shame it had to get to this state," the explore exclaimed.

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Would you ever go urban exploring in abandoned buildings? Let us know in the comments below what sites you'd love to venture into years after they closed down!

Old fashioned computer panels line the wall of one room which the explorer thinks could have been the 'command room'.

A canteen-like space is now filled to the brim with rubble and pigeon mess.

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Eerie shower rooms now lay bare with 'smashed up' facilities.

Interestingly some of the railings and skirting boards seem to have remained intact.

The explorer called one room a 'pigeon farm' and claimed that there was around half a foot of bird's mess.

A mattress and abandoned belongings were found in one of the harder-to-reach rooms.

"Someone's been sleeping in here," the explorer said.

A sofa was found in another room too, with more clothes that looked like they'd been left a long time ago.

Urban Explorers and their videos have become incredibly popular online over recent years.

Viewers are interested in seeing what happens to important and interesting buildings after they are abandoned and stand derelict.

In some cases, buildings are left completely intact and appear untouched even after decades of standing alone.

Recently, eerie images from inside a cottage showed the impact years of being left behind had on the furniture within.

Photos showed sofas, tables, and other debris falling and sinking into the floor, with the wallpaper still clinging to the walls.

Even photos and school certificates were still found in their frames, without knowing why they were simply left to slowly rot with other furniture inside.

Despite explorers who stumble across these amazing finds, they may never be a reason as to why the sites remain as they are, only to sit and watch the time go by.

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