Inside cruel dog meat trade as sausages and pooch penis snacks still for sale

Faint whimpers, helpless barks and pain-filled howls are the sounds still heard at cruel meat markets in China that are continuing to trade in dog meat.

Injured and traumatised, and sometimes stolen dogs and cats are crammed together in small cages and transported without food and water to unsanitary slaughterhouses and live animal markets.

The Humane Society believed the country kills around 10million dogs for human consumption each year – mainly to elder men who continue to consume the meat because of false information of its health benefits.

On May 29, 2020, China banned the sale of dog and cat meat, in what was considered to be a historical moment.

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Head of Four Paws International, Dr Katherine Polak said at the time: "It is a positive signal that by banning the sale of dog meat, China is also recognising these animals as companions and not food, although it also points to grave concerns regarding food safety.

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"Now is the time for Vietnam, Cambodia and Indonesia to finally act as China has done to protect public health and to bring an end to this cruel trade. In addition to immense animal suffering, the trade is also responsible for outbreaks of diseases such as rabies and cholera."

The conditions are described as being so horrific that they could become the epicentre for the next pandemic.

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"And as we now know, global health and economy can suffer as a result of deadly zoonotic viruses that are emerging from live animal markets where the dog and cat meat is regularly sold," Dr Polak added.

But despite the ban, traders have continued to sell canned dog meat, dog sausages, roasted legs and even dog penis snack packs.

Poor pooches, which were destined to be boiled alive by meat market customers, have continued to require rescue by the NoToDogMeat charity.

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One dog, named RUby, was found when she and nine others were discovered "locked in filthy rooms" and living in "horrifying squalor" in a disused factory near Beijing, China.

She was heavily pregnant at the time and so malnourished and scared that she had to be coaxed into eating.

The charity's CEO Julia De Cadenet, 50, from London, told The Sun: "Because of Ruby's small size and the starving conditions, she needed an emergency caesarean.

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"Soon the unlucky canine was mum to eight adorable puppies after suffering from dystocia, which meant that the puppies were too large for her body to handle.

"The puppies were very poorly when they were born and heartbreakingly, as the days went on they left us one by one."

After her rescue, she gave birth to eight pups but none survived.

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