Inside evil college sex cult started by dad in his daughters dorm room

A sickening sex cult started by the dad of a college student in her bedroom was the base of operations for forced labour and prostitution.

Horrifying details of Lawrence Ray have since been released after he was found to have been running a sex trafficking cult from the bedroom of his college student daughter, Talia.

He had moved into the student accommodation to begin the cult, with victims now telling that the 63-year-old, who was convicted in April, had presented himself as a father figure to students.

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Sicko Ray has since been sentenced to 60 years behind bars and is set to die in prison for his chilling crimes after being convicted of 15 criminal counts.

Those crimes included charges ranging from extortion, sex trafficking and forced labour, which began back in 2010 where he gave young students "therapy" sessions before isolating them from their families.

He had even threatened to dismember one student, with reports indicating that he had coerced false confessions from each of his victims for crimes they had never committed.

Violence, psychological abuse and harrowing threats soon followed, with at least five students testifying that the Ray had extorted £828k ($1million) out of them.

A separate victim, Santos Rosario, who was just 19 when she met the twisted sex cult leader, said she spent a decade of her life in "misery" that "ripped apart" her family.

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One young woman is said to have been forced to pay back Ray with sexual acts to repay debts owed to the disgusting cult leader, reported.

Another woman who was trafficked under Ray, Claudia Drury, said: "His evil withered us. I feel profoundly violated in a way that I cannot fully communicate."

Ray, who moved into his daughter's accommodation after serving time in prison on a fraud sentence, had previously been a member of the United States Air Force for 19 days.

He also claimed to have worked for the CIA and that he was a key player in the team that brokered a ceasefire in Kosovo.

Ray had considered his legal troubles were part of a government conspiracy against him.

His legal problems included a breach of a child custody agreement, bail jumping and contempt of court following his divorce from Talia's mother, Teresa.

One victim says that Ray managed to convince her that her father had sexually abused her, despite that being untrue, People reported.

They said: "He rewrote everyone's childhood, and he said all kinds of horrible things happened to me. He had me saying that my dad had prostituted me, and that I was sexually abused by him. All sorts of horrible things that just were not true."

Prosecutors noted that Ray had "sought to convince his victims they were worthless, undeserving of love, and irredeemable" and "threatened his victims" to continue his sickening lifestyle.

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They added: "He has shown no remorse, accepted no responsibility, and impeded the prosecution of this case, including by disrupting the trial and prolonging the trauma to his victims."

Ray, who was described by New York judge Lewis J Liman as "evil", sentenced the sicko to spend the rest of his life behind bars, but not before the sex cult leader asked for sympathy after not getting to say goodbye to relatives who died while he was behind bars.

The sicko sex cult leader said: "I lost my father, my stepfather, and my stepmother all in one week. They are gone. I didn‘t get to say goodbye."

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