Inside haunted UK police station with eerie whispers and death sentences

A team of ghost hunters who spent the night in an abandoned police station that once held a woman sentenced to death for poisoning her husband claim they have evidence of paranormal activity.

The all-female investigators were shocked to hear eerie whispers rattle around the creepy cells of Lark Lane station in Liverpool during their hunt for life beyond the grave.

Armed with recording equipment and special “spirit rods” designed to communicate with ghosts, mum and daughter Yvonne Moores and Rebecca Smith, along with friend Denise Shields, claimed “something didn’t want us here” as they probed the ancient cop station.

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Videos show the brave investigators exploring the creepy site as unknown entities bang and whisper around them.

Rebecca, 35, told the Liverpool Echo: "This was one of the most active places we have investigated and I think it can be a place that is sometimes overlooked.

“One incident involved us asking a question and myself hearing a clear response – this was captured on camera.

"We all have completed a spiritual awareness and development course with a well-respected medium so feel our group is unique in the sense that we are spiritually aware and we each bring something different to the group.

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"I often pick up on the disembodied voices, my mum Yvonne is a little sceptical but will sometimes pick up on things during an investigation and then there is Denise who is clairvoyant and has some mediumship abilities."

Although the station is today used by ghost-hunters and teams of paranormal investigators, during the 1800s it kept some of Liverpool’s most notorious prisoners.

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Florence Maybrick, who was allegedly involved with the notorious Jack the Ripper, denied poisoning and slaughtering her husband with arsenic but was convicted to murder and sentenced to death.

Although her punishment was later changed to life imprisonment, she remains one of the city’s most prevalent criminals.

Rebecca continued: "Initially, the history is what interested us in the location of Lark Lane police station.

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“Often you find places involving a lot of emotions such as police stations can be quite active.

"We are from Bolton and surrounding areas but investigate areas around the northwest.

“We have a few more investigations in mind for the Liverpool area and have investigated Newsham Park in the past.”

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