Inside spine-chilling Victorian Hotel sat untouched and slowly rotting for years

The spooky interior of a Victorian station hotel has been laid bare in a series of chilling photographs.

The Station Hotel in Ayr, Scotland, has been captured in its decay by urban explorers Urbex Outlaws who have grabbed the stills of its various rooms.

Lobbies and lounges, bedrooms and bars have all been captured in the 50 photos released by Urbex,The Daily Recordreports.

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The rooms are in various states of disrepair – some have glasses still laid out while others have canopies of electrical wires hanging down about the ground.

Underneath a single bed in one of the ghostly bedrooms, condoms were found.

Elsewhere, an abandoned Henry Hoover covered in dirt is reminiscent of the lonely rubbish-collecting Disney character Wall-E.

The hotel has been left abandoned and wrapped in scaffolding for four years after a disagreement between the hotel’s Malaysian owner Eng Huat Ung and the local council.

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Sharing their post, Urbex said: “The Station Hotel, opened in 1885 and closed in 2011. With over 300 rooms, 3 bars and a dance hall this once beautiful hotel now lies in disrepair slowly crumbling from the inside."

Locals are understood to be saddened by the poor nick the historic establishment is.

Some local groups believe the building can be saved and could have a future.

Taking to the Urbex post’s comments section on Facebook, people have been discussing their thoughts on the building and its decline.

One user said: “Hope a decision can be made soon! It's a disgraceful eyesore seeing this coming into Town, more so that the wrapping is coming off and other has green mould from the elements.”

Another commented: “I see it every day draped in its white sheet. So very sad. A Malaysian businessman let it rot. Another iconic building gone.”

Replying to that particular comment, Urbex said: “The white sheet is starting to fade away like the rest of the building.”

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