Inside Stone Cold Steve Austins crazy net worth after Vince McMahon match

Stone Cold Steve Austin made his return to the WWE and renewed an old rivalry with Vince McMahon.

The fight, with Steve now 57 and Vince 76, became lightly mocked for the 'worst stunner ever', a reference to some dodgy workmanship when approaching a classic wrestling move.

Steve became known for the stunner but was seen laughing at Wrestlemania 38 when trying to catch Vince for the finishing move.

The match came after the WWE boss Vince's first in 12 years, a win against Pat McAfee. McAffee had lost to Austin Theory in the scheduled match for the event.

The AT&T Stadium in Texas went crazy for the return of the Hall of Famer, also known as the Texas Rattlesnake, the two sharing a few beers before going head to head.

The two renewed their old rivalry that helped the franchise go up against WCW in the Monday Night Wars in the late 1990s.

Hall of Famer Steve has also turned his hand to some different careers, meaning he has a sizeable net worth to his name.

What is Stone Cold Steve Austin's net worth?

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Stone Cold Steve Austin is estimated to have a net worth of £22.7million to his name, according to Celebrity Net worth.

Born Steven James Anderson in Austin, Texas, he is far better known for the ring name he took when he took on his wrestling career.

Since retiring from wrestling in 2003, Austin has enjoyed a lucrative career on screen, featuring in The Longest Yard alongside Adam Sandler, The Condemned, The Expendables and Grown Ups 2.

As a presenter, Austin fronts 'Straight Up Steve Austin', a show with various celebrities like Becky Lynch, Ice-T and Brett Favre.

He has been married four times, currently to Kristin Feres since 2009.

He was previously married to wrestling valets Jeanie Clarke, also known as Lady Blossom and Devra Mashall.

Who is Stone Cold Steve Austin?

After a mixed wrestling career, Steve Austin developed his 'Stone Cold' persona after being fired from WCW in 1995.

He broke into wrestling as part of the United States Wrestling Association (USWA) before moving on to WCW, but his dropping from latter came about due to a lack of belief in his marketability, as well as a nasty elbow injury.

Austin then found a second chance in Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW), where he conducted in-ring interviews as he recovered from his injury and developed his new persona.

His career changed for the better in 1996 when he joined WWE and was a rising star, before his career was nearly derailed when he was dropped on his neck in 1997, fracturing it.

After recovering, he became best known for his battles with McMahon and Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson.

WWE, who inducted him into their Hall of Fame in 2009, said of Austin: "Clad in jeans and black leather often soaked in beer foam, Austin was defiant, brash and dared anyone to try and tell him what to do.

"When the signature sound of shattering glass erupted throughout the arena, everyone there knew that it was time to raise hell. And if you happened to be on the receiving end, well, you have our sympathies."

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