Inside the most British queue where royalists cross Atlantic to see coffin

People from far and wide have been flocking to join the enormous queue snaking around central London to pay their respects to the Queen.

So brilliantly British, forming perhaps the biggest queue ever seen to pay respect to the monarch as she lies-in-state is as fitting a send-off as the UK could possibly have come up with.

But while the thought of waiting overnight and standing in line for 10 hours will have put millions off, thousands still made it out to say goodbye to Her Majesty.

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To find out who these determined people were, the Daily Star headed down to the queue to meet the crowds.

Pat had come from Portsmouth and had been on the move since 5:30am. She said she had walked for an hour and 20 minutes just to find the end of the massive line.

By the time the Daily Star found her she’d already been waiting for “about two and half hours” – she still had a long way to go.

Two women with Pat, Natalie and Georgia, had travelled from Manchester – they’d left home at 2am.

“I think she’s the greatest woman of our time,” Pat said with tears starting to form in her eyes. “There will never be another.

“I would have waited all day and all night to pay my respects.”

Farkhanda Ahmed and her mum Shequila Ahmed described themselves as “neighbours from next to the Queen.”

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They’d come from Slough in Berkshire, which borders Windsor and had dressed for the day in matching Union Jack regalia.

Farkhanda said: “We feel like we’re close to the Queen, like we’re neighbours. I feel like I know her.”

A little behind them, just outside the County Hall, were yoga instructor Bella and her partner Simon Whittaker, who wore a long, flowing Union Jack scarf.

They had got to the queue at about 9am having travelled down from York that morning. They’d each taken a day off work to be there and saw it as an opportunity to say “thanks for all the service.”

Matthew had travelled down from just west of Oxford.

Lining up alone and wearing a full suit he shared how he had done the same for the Queen Mother 20 years ago, where he had queued for four and a half hours.

He said that it was the most British thing you can do.

For others, the trip down to pay their respects wasn’t just about going themselves.

Harriet’s daughter, Anne, wore a scarf covered in poppies that had belonged to her mother and around her neck, Harriet wore a hinged locket with the faces of her parents inside.

“I’ve bought them with me and they will be open when we go past.”

Kim had flown from Illinois, USA, on Tuesday (September 13) especially following the news of the Queen’s death – she’d done the same for her Platinum Jubilee and was planning to head next Tuesday, the day after the funeral.

Out of her backpack sprung two flags – America’s stars and strips and the Union Jack.

She was queuing with a group of seven other people who she seemed friendly with – they all met each other in line and had got on like a house on fire – they'd stuck together in the queue ever since.

Far back on the Southbank, with a long way to go, Claire had spent five hours on the coach to get down from Staffordshire to pay her respects.

“I was at Birmingham coach station for nearly eight hours before I got on.”

She’d left home at 7:30pm the night before and had been travelling ever since.

“I had a couple of hours [sleep] on the coach,” the Walsall FC employee said.

Canadians Sophia and Alex had been living around London and decided to come and pay their respects.

“She was a symbol of what you could achieve in life. Not so much materially but what you could strive to be as a person,” Alex said.

Their feelings were echoed by the characterfully dressed John Dodd who, wearing a kilt, pink bag and a trilby hat, said: “I never met her, I would have liked to have done.”

He pointed out that the Queen had meant “everything” because “she was such a lovely lady to everyone, there was no exception.”

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