Instagram parents slammed for allowing son, 2, within inches of shark as it fed

The Instagram influencers are documenting their adventures as they sail around the world aboard a luxury yacht with their two young children, have been slammed by fans for allowing their two-year-old to stand just inches away from a shark as it fed.

Elayna Carausu and partner Riley Whitelum posted a short video to her 464,000 followers showing the little Lenny standing on the rear deck of the yacht as she hand-fed the ocean predator.

The shark was thrashing wildly as it fed, bashing its tail against the rocking boat.

Many commenters expressed their shock at Elayna’s “reckless” behaviour.

“I don't think these videos are worth the risk you're putting your family in,” said one commenter on Instagram. “I'm afraid one day this is going to backfire for you. The ‘clicks" aren't worth it”.

“It's scary to see a child so close to that,” another fan commented.

“Not cool” added another of Elayna’s followers, saying they planned to stop following her because the little boy looked scared.

“You won't get my support on content like this, I'm unfollowing,” they said.

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However, not everyone agreed with one commenter watching the video believing that Lenny “didn’t even flinch” as the fearsome predator flailed in the water just inches from his feet.

“'Little Lenny is going to be fearless in life, good job,” they said.

Others speculated that “training” the sharks to expect food from the back of boats could lead to disaster.

“Great! Now sharks will be coming up to boats expecting to be fed,” one person commented, and others agreed that a child swimming behind a boat could “get chomped” as a result.

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Another shocked commenter described Elayna’s shark-feeding as “terrible and super irresponsible”, saying she was training sharks to associate human interaction with getting fed.

Someone else, with much the same idea, asked: “Isn’t this kind of training sharks to attack things that fall off the back of boats? Could this make them more aggressive around swimmers?”

Commenting on an earlier story of Elayna’s someone else predicted the whole row, saying: 'Fair warning, some Karen is definitely going to get into your personal parenting business and call child welfare for letting Lenny swim with sharks. It's bound to happen”.

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