Iran brands US ‘heartless and evil’ as thousands killed by coronavirus

The Iranian President has rounded on the United States of America in an outburst over the coronavirus.

President Hassan Rouhani has slammed allies of the United States for adhering to sanctions that have remained in place throughout the ongoing global health crisis.

While the 71-year-old political leader also slammed the States for a lack of “humanity” after Covid-19 cases rocketed to 380,000, with over 22,000 fatalities linked to the virus, in the Middle Eastern country.

President Rouhani argued that the international community should have done more to aid his nation after it became one of the worst hit by the virus in the world.

Reuters quote him telling state television on Saturday: “Over the past months since the coronavirus arrived in our country… no one came to our help.”

He went on to blast the USA, stating if the country “had a bit of humanity and brain” it would have offered to “lift the sanctions for a year because of the coronavirus.”

With an air of propaganda, he continued that the United States: “is far more heartless and evil than those things.”

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And he claimed the USA had instead: “imposed new sanctions and pressures on us over these past seven months of coronavirus.”

President Rouhani hit out at other nations in the Middle East, blasting: “not a single friendly country told us that in this time of coronavirus and hardship and for the sake of humanity ‘we will stand up to America’”

The US have threatened to impose sanctions on any nation that embarks on business with Iran.

The measures are in place following the US withdrawal from the 2015 Iran nuclear deal in 2018.

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President Rouhani’s outburst comes as he signalled he is attempting to build ties with other countries in the region.

He said last week that his nation should prioritise developing strategic relations with neighbouring countries, particularly in the commercial and economic fields, according to reports.

He said: “we must work with all our brothers in the region and neighbours of Iran with sincerity to develop the entire region. A cohesive and shared economy in the region will help ensure peace and security.”

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