Iran Navy: Inside the Iranian warship fleet – full arsenal exposed

Iran: Smoke plumes appear to rise from ship on Gulf of Oman

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The heaviest ship in the Iranian Navy sank on Wednesday after catching fire in the Gulf of Oman. All crew were safely evacuated according to Iran’s semi-official news agencies. The cause of the blaze, which began at about 2.25am local time has yet to be announced, however, many are speculating it might be the latest in a series of attacks on ships owned by archenemies Iran and Israel. Iranian Fars news agency reported: “All efforts to save the vessel were unsuccessful and it sank.”

What other ships does the Iran Navy have in its arsenal?

The Islamic Republic of Iran Navy has the following vessels:

  • Six subsurface combatant ships
  • 31 surface combatant ships
  • 24 amphibious ships
  • 27 auxiliary ships – including the sunken IRIS Kharg.

Subsurface combatant ships

Subsurface combatant ships are a subset of naval warships designed to engage in combat on and beneath the surface of the water, with their own weapons.

The Iranian Navy has three ships in the Kilo-class: IRIS Taregh, IRIS Nooh and IRIS Yunes, all of which are attack submarines.

These vessels weigh 2,356 tons surfaced and 3,076 tons submerged.

The IRIS Fateh ship, commissioned in 2019, is part of the Fateh class and is a coastal submarine weighing 527 tons.

The remaining two subsurface combatant ships are the 24 from the Ghadir class and the 1 from the Nahang Class.

Both are midget submarines that weigh 125 and 115 tons respectively.

Surface combatants ships

Surface combatants are a subset of naval warships which are designed to engage in combat on the surface of the water, with their own weapons.

There are three ships in the Alvand class, the IRIS Alvand, IRIS Alborz and IRSI Sabalan, weighing 1,400 tons.

The Moudge class also has three ships – the IRIS Jamaran, IRIS Damavand and IRIS Sahand, all weighing 1,500 tons.

Two ships weighing 900 tons belong to the Bayandor class: IRIS Bayandor and IRIS Naghdi.

There is just one 539-ton ship belonging to the Hamzeh class – the IRIS Hamzeh, commissioned in 1986.

The Kaman class has a large fleet of 10 ships: IRIS Kaman, IRIS Xoubin, IRIS Khadang, IRIS Falakhon, IRIS Shamshir, IRIS Gorz, IRIS Gardouneh, IRIS Khanjar, IRIS Neyzeh and IRIS Tabarzin.

All of the ships weigh 234 tons and they are fast attack crafts originally from France.

The fast attack crafts in the Sina class include the IRIS Paykan, IRIS Joshan, IRIS Derafsh, IRIS Separ and IRIS Zereh, all weighing 275 tons.

There are three 85-ton ships as part of the Kaivan class, the IRIS Kaivan, IRIS Tiran and IRIS Mahan – all of which are patrol crafts.

There are three other patrol craft vessels, the IRIS Parvin, IRIS Bahram and IRIS Nahid, weighing 105 tons.

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Amphibious ships

There are 24 vessels belonging to the amphibious ship category.

These crafts are employed to land and support ground forces, such as marines, on enemy territory during an amphibious assault, which is an offensive military operation where naval ships project ground and air power onto a hostile or hostile shore at a designated landing beach.

The Hengam class has four ships, the IRIS Hengam, IRIS Larak, IRIS Tonb and IRIS Lavan all weighing 2,581 tons full-load.

There are six ships belonging to the Karbala Class, two with unknown names, in addition to the Fouque, Qeshm, Hormoz and Farour.

There are eight ships in the SR.N6 and six ships in the BH.7 classes respectively, weighing 10 tons and 55 tons full-load respectively.

Auxiliary ships

An auxiliary ship is a naval ship designed to operate in support of combatant ships and other naval operations.

The IRINS Makran is an expeditionary sea base vessel which has been commissioned in 2021.

The Kangan class includes four tanker ships all weighing 12,193 tons full-load: IRIS Kangan, IRIS Taheri, IRIS Shahid Marjni and IRIS Amir.

There are two ships in the Bandar Abbas class, the IRIS Bandar Abbas and IRIS Bushehr, each weighing 4,748 tons full-load.

The IRIS Kharg was the heaviest ship in the Iran Navy, weighing 33,544 tons full-load.

Seven ships are included in the Delvar class, all weighing 1,300 tons: the Deylam, Delvar, Sirjan, Charak, Chiroo, Souru and the Dayer ships.

A large class of ships is the Hendijan class which includes 12 tender ships.

The ships are the Macham, Khoramshahr, Hendijan, Sirik, Konarak, Gavatar, Moqam, Bahregan, Kalat, Ganaveh, Rostami and Nayband – all weighing in at 420 tons full-load.

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