ISIS beheads Santa in bizarre poster threatening Christmas shoppers

Macer Gifford: British anti-terror laws aren’t strong enough

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The horrifying image shows a masked militant brandishing a bloody knife in one hand and holding the severed head of Father Christmas in the other. It sickly mimics many of the vile videos the defeated former caliphate released of it killing hostages.

The text on the poster reads: “We send a message to our monotheist brothers in Europe, America, Australia, Canada, Russia, and other countries of unbelief and apostas.

“We say to you, our brothers, oh monotheists, avenge your brothers and sisters who have been killed and captured by these scumbags.

“Attack the citizens of crusader coalition countries with your knives, run them over in the streets, detonate bombs on them, and spray them with bullets.”

Since the collapse of its caliphate in Syria and Iraq in 2017, the terrorist organisation and its supporters have been quieter.

In November, it was revealed ISIS hatched an evil plan to dupe Westerners by advising would-be jihadis to wear the Christian cross and shave their beards.

The UK’s national terror threat level was raised from substantial to severe following a botched terrorist attack in Liverpool.

No terrorist organisation has claimed responsibility for the explosion.

In 2016, reported on a chilling guide drawn-up by IS that gave would-be jihads advice on how they might go about attacking the West.

The booklet, called ‘Safety and Security Guidelines for Lone Wolf Mujahideen’, had been shared widely on social media, and gave a chilling insight into the levels of preparation and commitment expected of those hoping to cause discontent in Europe.

It surfaced just months after the Paris attacks in 2015.

A 58-page manual emphasises the importance of surprise when launching an attack to cause maximum impact.

It claims home-grown terrorists are less likely to be noticed, and goes on to detail how nightclubs — with loud music and drunk people — are some of the best places to discuss terror plans without being recorded or pried on.

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The key element of the booklet stresses the need to blend in with the western way of life, avoiding “looking like a Muslim” in order to stay below the radar of the security services.

A chilling section urges readers to wear a Christian cross, use aftershave, cut off their beards and shun prayer meetings and mosques to avoid detection.

The introduction to the booklet, which has been translated into English for those who do not speak Arabic, says: “No doubt that today, in the era of the lone wolves, brothers in the West need to know some important things about safety in order to ensure success in their operations.

“We thought a lot of non-Arabic speaking brothers would find it interesting and may apply it in their blessed operations.”

Advice is even given about what jewellery to wear and on which hand to wear a watch.

It continues: “If you can avoid having a beard, wearing qamis, using miswak and having a booklet of dhikr with you, it’s better.

“It is permissible for you to wear a necklace showing a Christian cross.

“As you know, Christians ‒ or even atheist Westerners with Christian background ‒ wear crosses on their necklaces.

“But don’t wear a cross necklace if you have a Muslim name on your passport, as that may look strange.

“If you want to use perfume, don’t use the oily, non-alcoholic perfume that Muslims use, instead use generic alcoholic perfume as everyone does, and if you are a man, use perfume for men.

“If you are wearing a watch, don’t wear it on your right hand, as this is a sign that you are religious.

“If you have an engagement ring or something like that, it’s better to wear one in gold or better yet, don’t wear any ring at all.

“A silver ring could tell you are religious, as Islam forbids wearing gold rings for men.”

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