‘It’s unwelcome!’ Top diplomat urges North Korea and China to unite to take on US threat

US-South Korea drills slammed by Kim Yo-jong in statement

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The comments come as trade between China and North Korea reached a record low during the start of the year. Ri Ryong-nam, the North Korean ambassador to China, accused the US and South Korea of increasing military training drills.

He told China’s Global Times, strengthening ties marks the future.

He said: “It’s not difficult to see that the US will strengthen its military activities against the Asia-Pacific countries including China.

“The US is the common threat to North Korea and China, and the two countries should deal with it by strengthening their cooperation.”

“It’s unwelcome and they will definitely pay the price for that.

“The current situation proves that North Korea’s decision to strengthen its national defence is an absolutely correct and legitimate measure.”

Kim Jong-un’s sister is set to blackmail South Korea and the US with “security threats” if the two countries complete their annual military training exercises.

These exercises are set to take place near the North Korean border this week.

North Korea did not respond to routine calls on an inter-Korean hotline a day after the allies started preliminary training last week.

Kim Yo-Jong, sister of Kim Jong-un said: “Hope or despair? That’s not up to us.”

However, despite the threats of a security crisis from North Korea, South Korea and the US will begin their annual drills on Monday, South Korea’s military said on Sunday.

The Joint Chiefs of Staff said: “The alliance made the decision after comprehensively considering the COVID-19 situation, joint defence posture and ways to support diplomatic efforts to denuclearise and foster lasting peace on the Korean peninsula.”

The US currently has 28,500 soldiers in South Korea, since the 1950-53 Korean War which did not end in a peace treaty instead an armistice.


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The Joint Chiefs of Staff have said the exercises are intended to accelerate progress on Seoul’s efforts to take over wartime control of the combined troops from the US.

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