James Bulger’s mum Denise vows to battle for justice ‘until day she dies’

The mother of murdered tot James Bulger has vowed to campaign for justice until the day she dies.

Denise Fergus is devastated his killers Jon Venables and Robert Thompson never served time in a regular prison and she plans to keep calling for them to be punished for as long as she can.

She said: “My life is all about James. I’ve always said if there’s a fight there for James, of course I’m going to fight it. I don’t care if it takes me to my dying day, I will always fight.

“I’ve always given myself points to do to keep myself busy. I’m not the type of person to sit around doing nothing. So I give myself bullet points and targets to aim.

“Once I’ve reached that target and I’ve achieved that one, then I’ll go on to do another one. That’s the way I’ve kept myself going, kept myself busy.”

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James’ murder in 1993 shocked the nation. Venables and Thompson were just 10 when they abducted James before murdering him on Merseyside.

In a heartfelt interview on Helen Wood’s podcast, Denise added: “There’s been no justice for James whatsoever. There’s only one thing that I asked for and that was for them to have a proper sentence in a prison.

“But they never have done. They got put into a children’s secure unit where they got the best of everything, so there’s no justice there again. I feel that they’ve been rewarded for the crime that they have committed, not punished.

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“Some people say they spent time in prison. But no, they didn’t. It’s only a select few. I think they are do-gooders who believe in second chances. But in my eyes they have been given second chances, if not more.”

Denise has dedicated her life to honouring James’ memory.

Nine years ago she set up The James Bulger Memorial Trust to raise money for bereaved parents.

Since then it has helped more than 260 families.

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Working on the charity helps Denise cope with her torment.

She said: “To have the charity in his name is a massive achievement in itself. I can’t do anything to get James back but, through his name, I can help other kids.

“I’ve never sat there and thought ‘I feel like calling it a day’ because I want to help as many kids and parents as I possibly can.”

A fundraising ball is being held by the charity in Liverpool on March 21 to mark what would have been James’ 30th birthday.

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