Joe Bidens poor polling shows lack of confidence as Presidents health under scrutiny

Joe Biden: Opinion polls 'show lack of confidence' says host

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Sky News Australia’s Andrew Bolt joined a series of international commentators questioning the state of US President Joe Biden’s health. While speaking to Washington correspondent Annelise Nielsen, he referenced the President’s recent CNN interview, which sparked further concerns over President Biden’s odd body language. The pair also noted that President Biden has had multiple gaffes during his short tenure as President, which however have often been linked to his lifelong struggle with a stammer.

Mr Bolt said: “Declining polls of Joe Biden, they really are quite extraordinary.

“Terrible disapproval ratings, a part of that seems to me because of a lack of confidence in whether he is mentally all there.

“We have discussed this before but Joe Biden’s body language in the CNN Townhall the other day, I think, raises even more questions about his mental health.

“For a while, he stood there staring at his shoes.

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“In another question, he stood there holding his hands clenched, as if he was holding the reigns of an invisible horse.”

The Sky News Australia host then played a snippet from the interview.

He added: “Annelise, did that footage raise more concerns in public debate about the President’s mental decline?”

Ms Nielson said: “This has become more of a mainstream topic of discussion.

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“When we look at the consistent coverage we have seen of him and the very limited access that the media gets to the President. He doesn’t do a lot of events where they can ask questions of him.

“A forum like this Townhall has been significant because it shows President Biden for an extended period of time.

“There are serious concerns from people about how he is conducting himself on the world stage.

“Australians that are here are raving about how sharp and on top of everything he was.

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“That could be true though it does seem unlikely and it seems it is more his team.”

Despite the frequent blunders, both Joe Biden and his office have insisted the President is healthy. 

President Biden submitted himself to testing in the early stages of the presidential campaign and passed.

President Biden has also been very public about his struggles with his stutter and has been praised for his dedication to overcoming the issue. 

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